Valkyria Chronicles 3 Reveal Spoiled by Sega, Game Listed on Company's TGS 2010 Schedule

BOOM widget 139695 [Update: Sept. 14, 2010] At TGS 2010, Sega officially revealed Valkyria Chronices 3 as another PSP-exclusive entry in the young franchise [via IGN].

[Original Story] Unless the following leak is part of some elaborate ruse, Valkyria Chronicles 3 is going to be at the 2010 Tokyo Game Show.

In preparation of Sega's appearance at TGS 2010, the publisher posted a stage event schedule on its website featuring the titles it would be bringing to the show.

On the calender, Valkyria Chronicles 3 was listed to make an appearance on September 16 at 2p.m. Sega has since amended the schedule, but the intrepid screen capture artisans at the Esuteru Blog [via Siliconera] were able to grab the original calendar before the change.

Previously, Andrasang uncovered a Sega-registered site featuring several Valkria-esque character silhouettes and a tank. The lone image on Code1935.jp reads, "Not to be opened till 9.16."

We're holding out hope a third installment returns Valkyria Chronicles to our home consoles. We'll have to wait until September 16 to find out for sure. (Unless Sega wants to let that slip ahead of time, too.)