Steam Wallet Beta Lets Gamers Pre-Load Cash

By Jeff Mattas, Sep 10, 2010 3:20pm PDT The Steam Wallet Beta is now live, allowing users to pre-load preset amounts of cash into a virtual "wallet."

Starting today, Steam members can make $5, $10, $25, $50, and $100 deposits into their Steam Wallet, to be used for purchasing (you guessed it!) games on Steam.

If you're wondering what possible reason you'd have to use Steam Wallet, given that it still makes more sense to purchase a $7.99 game for exact change rather than pumping $10 into your Steam Wallet using an identical payment method first, you're not alone. Valid questions like these have already been posted in the comments of the official "Steam Wallet Beta Now Available" announcement.

While Steam Wallet Beta's usefulness may not be readily apparent its current state, it could eventually serve as a gateway for prepaid Steam cards and open the service up a lot more for credit card-less and younger gamers.

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  • There probably aren't so many people in my situation, hence Valve still not doing anything to improve it,but living in a country outside of the one my credit card is registered in causes me a lot of hassle if I want to buy something on Steam because of Valve's anti-fraud stance. Basically, you can't use a credit card on Steam when you are in a country other than the one the card is registered in without contacting Steam tech support, which is a huge pain in the ass and generally stops me buying games on Steam, although I do sometimes get friends to buy a game for me and I pay them instead. It's also a kind of weird rule, since I can't really imagine someone stealing my card and then using it to splurge on Steam. Meh, I guess Valve just want less hassle should it actually occur.

    Last time I tried, Pay Pal also had the same problem :(

    Steam wallet sounds like at least I could pre-load a bit of cash once and then use that to pay for several games.