League of Legends Updating Graphics, New 5v5 Map Coming

By Brian Leahy, Sep 09, 2010 1:40pm PDT PC Gamer is teasing some details about Riot Games' League of Legends getting an updated "art style." A few teaser images are available on PC Gamer's website, but full details will be contained within this month's issue of PC Gamer US.

Though PC Gamer claims this is a change to the game's "art style" it appears to be an increase in fidelity and detail, not a change in style.

Additionally, the issue will have details about a new 5-versus-5 map coming to the free-to-play, microtransaction supported game. A new champion will also be revealed. Fans of LoL will want to look out for the next issue of PC Gamer for more.

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  • Why does Mord have not-metal on his armour.

    This graphical "update" looks horrible. Between this, the fact the servers are down 50% of the time I want to play, and the fact Riot seems to have *NO* idea what the tier list is is making me considering quitting LoL. I kind of regret spending as much money as I did on it. Riot really needs to mature as developers if they want to stay in this business. They're charging absolutely outrageous prices for content I feel like *I* could make in an afternoon, forget the quantity-over-quality champion design choices and the ridiculous lack of maps.