Capcom: Dead Rising 2 Case Zero Breaks Xbox Live Arcade Sales Records

By Xav de Matos, Sep 09, 2010 9:15am PDT It appears that Capcom's Xbox Live Arcade/Demo experiment has paid off. Today, the publisher revealed that the XBLA-exclusive "prologue experience" Dead Rising 2: Case Zero has "broken all records on Xbox Live" selling more units in one week than "all content" distributed in the downloadable platform's history.

According to GamerBytes, more than 320,000 users were found on the Dead Rising 2: Case Zero leaderboards seven days after the game launched. According to their estimate, Capcom could have raked roughly $1.15 million for the downloadable prequel. Of course, Capcom insists that "these are NOT official numbers."

However, the last title to tout XBLA record breaking numbers was Microsoft's own Shadow Complex. In August 2009, Microsoft revealed the Chair-developed action-adventure sold "over 200,000 copies" in its first week of release. Shadow Complex was priced at 1200MSP ($15) versus Dead Rising 2: Case Zero's 400MSP ($5) asking price.

With history in mind and the existence of public Xbox Live Arcade leaderboards we think Capcom's "prologue" plan proved to be a worthwhile experiment. It's safe to assume THQ is hoping for similar commercial reaction to its own downloadable tie-in titles.

Now we wait to see if the premium demo's existence will help sales of the retail sequel launching later this month or if the downloadable title will be blamed for giving players too much if the sequel falls below sales expectations.

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  • I don't know how anyone can consider this a demo, sure it gives you a taste of what's to come but at the same time it gives you an actual game to play that can really suck up a lot of hours. To me what we got was neither a XBLA game or a demo, it was actually a short prequal game mode that was given to us for $5, sure it could have also been put on the actual Deadrising 2 disc, but this way seemed like a ploy to grab a new audience.

    For me I didn't really mind that it was a ploy since it was only $5 and I was happy to give $5 to get a taste of Deadrising 2. I was one of the gamers that enjoyed Deadrising 1 very much.

  • This has been a successful 'ploy'.

    But whether or not you think it's a good thing, depends on your outlook on today's current state of gaming.

    You could look at it like, you've just paid $55 for your $50 game before you even open the box on release.


    If you're into the 'complete' game experience and buy most of a game's DLC anyway, then this is just 'Pre-Story content' as opposed to 'Post-Story content'

    My Problem with it is this:
    DLC was originally introduced as a way to extend your game through 'mini-expansions' for 'mini-transactions'.

    But since the 'dawn' of DLC, games seem to be intentionally leaving things out, to charge us for as 'additional / extra content' later. Games today have less maps/story/gametime than last generation games, then we get 2-3 DLC packs (or more) to make up the difference.

    My real concerns are where to company has DLC 'ready to go' before the game is released (or even 'locked' on the Game Disc!). There's no reason this content should not have been released with the game other than being a mere 'cash grab ploy'.

    You may think that it's all about the money for most game companies anyway. But consider the trend of 'Game of the Year' or 'Ultimate Edition' that include 'all previous DLC', and when more and more people realize the persistence of this, I think we'll see more and more of a decline in 'New Release AND DLC purchases'.

    I think 'optional' Prequel content like this, should be something companies consider including in their Collector's / Limited Edition versions of the game, if this is to continue as a trend.

    I am fully aware that 'It's only $5', but that's how DLC map packs started (not that long ago), and look at the $15 price tag we have today.