Rock Band 3 Dev Diary Explains 'Bridging the Gap' Between Real and Fake Musicians

Rock Band 3 attempts to take things to the next level with its "Pro" mode, a setting that shifts control inputs from simple color-coded buttons to something more recognizable to real musicians.

Alongside this change, the game includes adds keyboards to the franchise. Although the new peripheral will allow players to play on simple tracks reminiscent of current music games, Harmonix believes playing on "Pro" mode will "make the keyboard come alive."

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According to Harmonix boss Alex Rigopulos, the goal of the new "Pro" mode is to provide new challenges to veteran Rock Band players and to "conceptually" continue to "bridge the gap between simulated musicianship in Rock Band and real musicianship in real life."

We'll find out if the developer's new plan works when Rock Band 3 launches on October 26 for the Xbox 360, PlayStation 3, Nintendo Wii and Nintendo DS.