Indie Platformer 'VVVVVV' Flips Onto Steam at $5

Terry Cavanagh's fiendishly clever platformer VVVVVV is now available on Steam at the bargain price of $4.49, rising to the still-fantastic price of $4.99 after September 14. The Steam edition is a SteamPlay release, giving both Windows and Mac editions.

The retro-styled platformer does away with tiresome jumping and instead lets you flip gravity, bouncing from floor to ceiling through the delightfully cruel and pointy world.

VVVVVV was released in January at $15. While it was heartily enjoyed by critics and has been named a finalist in the IndieCade 2010 festival, the price proved off-putting to some. This included, I'm sorry to say, a few of our readers. It's $5 now, so no excuses.

A demo's on FileShack in Windows and Mac flavours, as well as on Steam.

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