$399 Kinect Bundle With 250GB Xbox 360 Announced

BOOM widget 139280 Having revealed back in July that its motion-sensing Xbox 360 controller Kinect will also be available in a bundle with a 4GB console, Microsoft today formally announced that a bundle with a 250GB Xbox 360 will also be on offer.

The $399 bundle contains a 250GB version of the swish new Xbox 360 model along with, as in the 4GB bundle, the Kinect camera and a copy of Kinect Adventures.

The 250GB Xbox 360 usually runs you $299 and it will cost $149 for the Kinect camera with a copy of Kinect Adventures thrown in, so the bundle saves a fair chunk of change.

The Kinect is due to launch on November 4, with a launch lineup of over fifteen titles promised. Microsoft says it'll use the Tokyo Game Show next week "to reveal even more new controller-free games and experiences never before possible."