Bugged Crackdown 2 DLC 'Toy Box' Fixed

BOOM widget 138852 An updated version of the Crackdown 2 downloadable content 'Toy Box' went live over the weekend, fixing the nasty bugs the DLC suffered when it launched on September 2.

"These issues were caused by problems mastering the DLC package," Gaz Liddon, studio head of developer Ruffian Games, reiterated in a forum post on Saturday. "They have now been resolved with a new version of the Toy Box DLC that Microsoft has released today."

Should you have previously downloaded a dodgy copy of the DLC, to fix your woes you'll need to delete the DLC from your system then re-download it. The errors caused the super-powered open-world game game to crash or suffer performance issues.

"We apologise for any inconvenience caused and hope you will now be able to enjoy the game's new DLC," Liddon wrote. Toy Box offers new modes and an ability for free, with a $7 paid option to add new vehicles, weapons, avatar items and achievements too.