Ubisoft Reveals Downloadable Source Engine-Powered Shooter 'Bloody Good Time'

With PAX just around the corner, Ubisoft has revealed a new downloadable, mulitplayer-focused first-person shooter from The Ship developer, Outerlight.


Bloody Good Time will launch this fall on Steam and the Xbox Live Arcade. The Source engine-powered shooter pits up to eight players against each other, all competing for a shot at a starring role in a horror movie.

Each level, which takes place on various movie sets, will act an an arena as cartoon-style film caricatures attempt to brutally murder their fellow thespians using weapons ranging from the mundane (boring old guns) to the absurd (exploding rats!).

Looks like the upcoming Xbox 360-exclusive Gun Loco from Square Enix has some competition for most absurd mainstream video game shooter premise, ever.