OnLive Testing WiFi Support this Fall, Extends 'Founding Members' Promotion Again

Although OnLive boasts the ability to play current games on any PC throughout the U.S., the service is tied down to a required wired internet connection. According to the company, support via WiFi is a "top development priority" it plans to test this fall.

In September, OnLive plans to add WiFi support to its PC and Mac-based streaming game service, initially as a Beta program. OnLive COO Mike McGarvey notes that WiFi support has been "the most requested feature among OnLive members." The upcoming Beta program, McGarvey says, will launch ahead of the company's expected schedule.

Additionally, OnLive announced that it will extend its "Founding Members" program, yet again. The promotion will offer a free year of service and a guaranteed $4.95 monthly subscription fee to any user who signs up for the service before January 1, 2011.

This upcoming weekend (September 4 to 6), OnLive will discount all titles in its catalog by 50 per cent. Recently added games include Mafia 2, Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days and Splinter Cell: Conviction. A full listing of titles is available on the OnLive website. Those looking to demo the service, and who are heading to PAX, can try OnLive at this weekend's popular nerd festival.