LucasArts Hit With Layoffs, The Force Unleashed 2 Team Rumoured to be Among Targets

LucasArts has confirmed laying off an unspecified number of staff, Kotaku reports. Rumours say that the Star Wars: The Force Unleashed 2 team is among those cut.

"LucasArts is reorganizing its teams to better address the needs of the internal studio. Unfortunately, this means adjusting staffing," the company explained in a statement.


LucasArts has not confirmed cuts at any specific teams nor given any indication of just how many people are being let go. However, a supposed anonymous former member has told Kotaku that they include an estimated 60 people from the Force Unleashed 2 development team, plus a further 25 from external production and quality assurance on the title.

The game--due out on October 26--reportedly 'went gold' on Friday, which is often a developer's cue to scale back a team to save on costs. The PSP edition of The Force Unleashed 2 was recently confirmed to be cancelled and further rumours have suggested that a planned third Force Unleashed game has also been given the chop.

"LucasArts continues to be committed to creating a first-class internal studio--and to fostering relationships with trusted external partners--in order to deliver quality games that amaze and inspire fans," the company insisted in its statement.