Xbox 360 Controller Introduces 'Transforming' D-Pad, Hitting Stores November 9

Xbox Live's Major Nelson has just revealed a new wireless controller model, which includes a "transforming" directional pad.


Twisting the D-Pad can raise and lower the surrounding plastic, transforming the pad we're already used to using into something reminiscent of Nintendo's own "Plus" d-pad design. The patented "transforming" pad promises to give players enhanced precision on what is widely considered the worst part of the current Xbox 360 controller.

The new controller also features new "concave" thumb-sticks and gray and black face buttons, which match its matte silver body.

The controller will only be available with a "new Play and Charge Kit" that will launch on November 9 for $64.99. A Microsoft Canada representative has informed Shacknews that Canadian users can grab the new controller package for $69.99.