If You 'Like' Lost in Shadow on Facebook, Child's Play Gets A Donation

It's not often that clicking the "Like" button on Facebook results in anything more than annoying your friends; however, Hudson Entertainment has teamed up with the Child's Play charity to make your clicking truly matter, for once.


For each user that heads over to the official Lost in Shadow Facebook page and clicks the "Like" button, Hudson Entertainment will donate ten cents to Child's Play, the community-based charitable organization that donates toys, games, books, and cash to kids in children's hospitals across North America.

Want Hudson to donate more than ten cents on your behalf? Simply change your Facebook profile picture to "a picture of a shadow, any shadow," and the donation jumps from ten cents to one dollar. At the end of 'Shadows to Light' day, otherwise known as September 7, 2010, all of the "Likes" and shadowy profile pics will be tallied to determine the amount of cash that Hudson will donate to Child's Play.

It's just a couple of clicks to donate to a more-than-worthy cause, and it won't cost you anything. Do what's right.

Lost in Shadow will also be featured at Hudson's booth at this year's Penny Arcade Expo, with the retail release coming to Wii on January 4, 2011.