Team 17 Aims to Transition from Developer to Indie Publisher

By Garnett Lee, Aug 30, 2010 2:40pm PDT Worms and Alien Breed developer Team 17 plans to move into publishing games for indie developers through digital distribution reports MCV.

Explaining their new focus to MCV, co-founder Martyn Brown said, "I think that given the general malaise of the third party publisher 'work-for-hire' market, it is no surprise that a lot of developers are heading towards digital publishing as some kind of saviour." Brown plans for Team 17 to be ready to answer that call, expecting that they will produce at least 15 SKUs across XBLA, PSN, the Apple App Store, and other platforms in 2010.

Team 17 restructured internally to accommodate the change in emphasis from development to publishing, with Brown taking on the scouting duties as business development director.

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