No Digital Release for PSP Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep

By Brian Leahy, Aug 27, 2010 3:20pm PDT Sad news for PSP Go owners looking forward to Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts: Birth by Sleep when it releases on September 7 as Square Enix has "no plans" for a digital release of the game (via Kotaku).

Sony's support of the PSP Go seemed to be on the rise as PlayStation Store updates were moved to Tuesdays, matching retail releases and making day-and-date digital releases a possibility. While digital releases of lower profile games are not always timely, it looked like high-profile titles were safe. Metal Gear Solid: Peace Walker was day-and-date with retail.

Dissidia: Final Fantasy and many of Square's back-catalog titles have been released digitally. It's an odd move not to continue to support digital downloads for the new Kingdom Hearts game, especially after releasing Dissidia for Go users.

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  • So funny. I can hear the cries of PSPgo owners everywhere as they now wonder why they paid a premium for the version with the smaller screen, no UMD drive, and less games that cost more than the UMD versions.

    Sony already acknowledged that they aren't supporting PSPGo when they kept on releasing special edition PSP 3k's for MGS:PW and the upcoming God of War. How much more notice does a person need? PSPGo was an experiment that failed miserably and they want people to forget about it, but they can't outright end it so soon or investors will be unhappy.

    So they'll keep making a few and retailers will keep putting them on sale, lower and lower, hoping a few schmucks will be lured into the Sony Dam of Large Cost. Meanwhile, the rest of us will be in the PSP 3k Promised Land where you can get the best of the Sony DLC and the best of the Untamed Market of Discounts. If there's a deal for a PSP game at Amazon, Gamestop (used), or Walmart, you can buy it. No restrictions.

    I'm not against digital-only consoles, but I am against versions that are positioned to cost more (both in hardware and software) than a version that offers less features yet costs significantly more.

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