SCEE Exec Downplays Strength of Move Launch and 3D Gaming

by Garnett Lee, Aug 26, 2010 11:10am PDT
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In an interview with Eurogamer, Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE) senior vice-president Ray Maguire went into some detail on Sony's ambitions for 3D and Move.

Maguire was up front in admitting 3D is not a mass market product in its current stage. He does, however, see it as what he termed a "sustainable" market; and one ready to grow when prices drop. Likewise, he acknowledged that 3D may not be right for every game. "It will be about how it immerses you into the game. If you get more immersed into the game and it adds value, the answer is yes [3D is right for the game]. If it's just nice to have, then maybe not." Of course, his response leaves open to discussion what constitutes helping with immersion.

On the topic of Move, he described PlayStation's upcoming motion controller as a "natural extension" of the hardware. He doesn't, though, express confidence that gamers will see that right away. "Am I expecting a massive day one? Not particularly," he said. He went on to add that EyeToy was not an overnight sensation either but went on to be become an unqualified success. With the clock winding down on its release, we'll know soon enough whether he needed to downplay the significance of Move's launch or not. For all the details on Move launch plans, see our story: PlayStation Move Release Dates, Pricing, Games Announced.


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  • His comments seem fair to me. 3D doesn't have the penetration atm to be super-important to most gamers today, but when 3D starts slipping into more and more TV's, the glasses' IR is standardized across vendors, and the PS3 has the 3d Blu-ray firmware update, then the pieces for more and more gamers to use 3d will be in place. Now whether or not gamers use them, we'll see, but if you've got all the pieces, except the glasses and they're standardized and cheaper than today, it seems likely at least a percentage of gamers will go for it. Hence, him saying it should help with immersion or not be used. Because that's what'll happen. It'll either improve the experience or gamers won't use it. That's from game to game.

    The PS3 Move will have more varied support than Kinect at launch, it will include casual and the more traditional games (Heavy Rain, RE5) and it'll be added value to those who already own a PS3 Eye. However, you can't expect every PS3 gamer to go out and buy the Move right away without some kind of killer app showing up for it. Heavy Rain might be enough, but it seems rather niche.

    Personally, I think a game like Sorcery where the control scheme is so far and away different from anything on PS3 might do it. I don't expect the Move with its launch lineup to set the world on fire. I don't expect Kinect to, either, unless Microsoft can convince people that Dance Central (aka Dance Auto-tune) is worth buying a $150 peripheral for. (People were paying that for Rock Band/Guitar Hero bundles, so they could.)