Morning Discussion

You've probably seen the links in previous chatty posts by now but in case you missed it, check out the ComicCon trailer for AMC's The Walking Dead.

Since the series isn't landing until October 31, I've decided to ruin the entire experience and read the graphic novels. Well, ruin might be the wrong word as AMC has stated that the adaptation is based on the series. This means it may see a number of changes, which fans may just have to start dealing with now or decide to ignore the show entirely.

Sometimes changes work out for the better; however, sometimes changes can ruin the overall message or experience. For example, Watchmen was completely destroyed for me when the film decided to pull Dr. Manhattan's final, haunting lines of dialog and give them to a different character rendering them utterly meaningless.

What do you think about changes to source material? Do you want a carbon copy or something more tuned to the new medium it's being translated to?
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