Portal 2 Trailers from Gamescom 2010 Further Explore 'Faith Plates' and 'Repulsion Gel' Techniques

In case yesterday's trailer featuring Stephen Merchant as the new voice of the robotic ally "Wheatley" didn't include enough Portal 2 gameplay for your liking, Valve has released a pair of videos to the public that first debuted at Gamescom 2010.

Each video further examines the intricate (and somewhat maniacal) designs for puzzles and their solution using new abilities housed within GLaDOS' frightful return to power. First up is another look at "Repulsion Gel," the blue substance that propels players and objects throughout the world.

BOOM video 6182

The second video--found after the break--features an extended look at the E3 2010 reveal of the precise, bounce-pads known as "Faith Plates."

Portal 2 launches in February 2011.

BOOM video 6183