Toy Soldiers 'Invasion' DLC Revealed, Adds Spacemen and Giant Robots

Developer Signal Studios continues to add content to its popular XBLA title Toy Soldiers, revealing new upcoming DLC on its official site, earlier today (via 1UP). The upcoming "Invasion" DLC features surprising new "British" enemy units, including flying saucers, spacemen, and a giant Robot.

Along with new achievements and playable units, the DLC adds six new levels: a three level "mini-campaign", two multiplayer levels, and one level for survival. Each mission will put players in the role of the German forces battling Britain's strange new arsenal.

Although the new content was not dated or priced, the announcement appeared on its website in the form of a newspaper headline with a September 2010 date. Presumably the content is just around the corner.

Previous Toy Soldiers DLC, The Kaiser's Battle, was priced at 400 Microsoft Points ($5).