Rock Band Network 2.0 Features Outlined for RB3

Rock Band Network, the toolset that allows anyone to create playable tracks for sale in Rock Band, will be getting a face-lift for the release of Rock Band 3. Dubbed Rock Band Network 2.0, the tools will support the new keyboard peripheral, pro drums and keys, vocal harmonies, and more (via RockBandAide)


Any content already made in RBN will be supported by RBN 2.0 in Rock Band 3. Using any of the new features will presumably make your content RB3-exclusive. Songs for RBN 2.0 will begin to release at the end of Q1 2011. Left out, however, is support for pro guitar authoring, as explained by Harmonix:

  • The way that Pro Guitar DLC is implemented in Rock Band 3, it would have been substantial work to add to the pipeline for both Harmonix and Microsoft.
  • It is extremely time consuming to author, to the point that it might be just as time consuming to author a Pro Guitar part as it would be to author the rest of the track.
  • Peer Reviewing any Pro Guitar songs would be problematic due to the fact that we will be building a brand new install base of Pro Guitar players at launch.