Weekend Confirmed Episode 22

By Garnett Lee, Aug 20, 2010 12:00pm PDT This weekend gets confirmed with a powerful show that rocks from start to finish. Kane & Lynch 2: Dog Days, Lara Croft: Guardian of Light, Monday Night Combat, and a QuakeCon report get the party started on the right foot in Whatcha' Been Playin? Your thoughts on maturity in games and balancing difficulty with reward lead off the Warning before the question of whether it's okay to leave games unfinished finally gets discussed. Gamecom announcements alone could fill the Front Page but there's also a quick review of the July NPD sales figures and, of course, Jeff tops it off with a little excitement for Bioshock Infinite.

Weekend Confirmed Ep. 22 - 08/20/2010

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Whatcha' Been Playin and Cannata-ford a New Game: Start: 00:32:47 End: 01:04:33

The Warning: Start: 01:05:36 End: 01:37:20

Music Break featuring "Yaa I Get It" by Shad K Start: 01:37:20 End: 01:40:10

The Front Page: Start: 01:40:10 End: 02:16:21

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  • Hey Garnett, thanks for the shoutout! Going back to the subject of playing female characters in games, and also being topical at the same time, I find that when it comes to Bioware role-playing games, after initially playing all of Star Wars KOTOR 1 as a lady and finding out that I missed out on getting to hit up Bastila as a dude (instead of becoming BFFs), I chose to play as a male in KOTOR 2.

    I think that, for me, when it comes to playing games where there is no romantic consequence, I enjoy playing as a lady character. If its a scripted single-player story where the only type of character is a female character, even better. When it's something like KOTOR or Mass Effect, however, I've come to understand that there are romantic branches that I can only get into by injecting myself into my male lead instead of a female lead (unless the males are actually charming and someone I want my character to get with, as Carth Onasi in KOTOR was anything but that).

    For the past 3-4 years, I've been a PS3-only owner, and as such, I've missed out on ME1 and 2, along with a slew of other games I plan on eventually picking up. My 60gb recently went out of commission, so I decided that I want to pick up a new system. Torn between Metroid: Other M and Halo Reach, I'd been putting off the decision to wait until black friday, when out of nowhere, Bioware and EA announced that Mass Effect 2 port to the PS3. But seeing as how there are no plans so far to release the first one, I feel like while they sort of did do a reset with 2, that I'd still be missing out on the setup, and the experience of playing the first game.

    I think what EA is doing with this is really stupid. Yes, there are a ton of RPG gamers on the PS3 who still haven't gotten to try Mass Effect, but to only give them 2 is like someone watching Kill Bill vol 2 first (which a friend of mine actually did, and let me tell you, he hated it until he saw part 1). It can "stand by itself," sure, but there's so much history to hat experience of who your character is, and who he or she represents.

    I really don't see great sales numbers for that game. Its a year late, and with little to no information about it other than that its a port, the worst case scenario would be it being vanilla 2 with the full $60 price point.

    So going back to my torn decision on what to get, I think that with the confusion that EA and Bioware has brought around Mass Effect 2 (and with the slimmest of possibilities of EA buying back publishing rights and releasing ME1 and 2 on a single BD), I'm going to hold off on a 360 just a little more, and just get Metroid: Other M -- yet another awesome game with a badass female protagonist with strong overarcing maternal themes. And of course, it doesn't hurt that my favorite action-game developer of the forever is Team NINJA. Sigma 2 <3

  • Weekend confirmed rocks! You guys definately help me keep me from burning my office building down. Im pretty sure i'm the Milton of the office; they laid me off a few weeks ago, never told me, but due to a problem in accounting, and I'm still getting a paycheck.

    Anyways, you mentioned looking for new topics to discuss, I wanted to get your opinion(s) on the status of Mac gaming. Up front, Ill admit that anyone who buys a Mac, solely to play video games is, for a lack of a better word, a tool. But in the last few months I've grown back into the desktop gaming world with my semi new iMac. Yes, this makes me a tool. But, I'm a broke tool, who doesn't have the cash to go buy a new windows based pc anytime soon.

    Besides Blizzard and a few other companies, it seems as if the Mac platform is ignored by game developers. Do you see the release of Steam for Mac as a sign that there is actual progress being made in the Mac gaming industry, or was Steam for Mac released to shut up the hippies who complain about buying an overpriced computer they can't play their favorite game(s) on? Im concerned if I will see any decent released coming soon, or if I really need to focus on buying a new windows 7 pc. Do you guys know if you can buy a laptop at best buy using food stamps?

    And finally, the release of the iPhone OS 4.0 turned my phone into a useless piece if crap that gets much poorer-quality reception, and functions about 50% slower, overall. Any of you guys want to buy a paperweight that looks like an iphone?

  • In regards to workplace acceptabilitiy, I think that depends on the culture of the organization. In the military, we have large amounts of down time, large stretches in deployed environments, and a lot of money burning a hole in our pockets every time we deploy. Additionally, most of our personnel are under 45. So this leads to much more acceptance of games and gamers, though of course there are all kinds of levels of gamers, from casual to hardcore, especially when we are downrange. I'm in Korea now and probably 75% of the people in my living quarters have either a console or play computer games to one degree or another.

    In terms of violence and shooters - video games are NOTHING like actual combat. I was a bit worried when I got back from Iraq that I'd have problems playing shooters after going through all that. But I didn't. Video games are make believe. Now, they do addreess in large part, violence. But that's in our nature. Most people don't see that, and that's something that I fight to protect. But I have seen how easily that society can collapse and our natures show through, just like Darwin says "Tooth and claw". It's something that no one likes to think about, but it's true. Video games that involve violence address that nature in a non destructive way, and that's part of the reason why those games are so popular.

    But I do agree with the points that not all video games are violent, that's the same as saying all movies are.