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By Xav de Matos, Aug 20, 2010 5:00am PDT I always seem to enter bouts of hardcore portable gaming at random times. I'll go weeks forgetting about my consoles or PC and focus on playing games on my Nintendo DS or PSP Go.

Lately, I haven't touched either handheld system but with God of War returning the PSP, I foresee that will change very soon.

I own an iPhone and I've purchased a lot of games for it but I never really use the device for gaming. There's some great software available, don't get me wrong, but I just don't use it. Maybe it's because I'm still stuck in the dark ages with a 3G and it runs like a pirate with a peg leg or because the battery is terrible after years of constant iPod use but it's rarely my portable gaming platform of choice.

What device fuels your portable gaming urges?

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  • Web doodz!

    I've been mucking around with a site using Google Maps that follows a coffee trike around town: . The info is populated by entering dates and times into a database. If the trike is out-and-about on a particular day, a message box will pop up under the map. If you enter an address in the box, it'll open up another window with walking directions to the coffee trike. Questions!

    - Would there be a point to capturing the user's location? This would be used for walking directions. I've never done that sort of geo thingie before so I'm not sure how it works.

    - Is there an easier way to populate the information? Sometimes the trike randomly tootles around town for a few hours. I know this by reading the trike's Twitter feed, but sometimes I don't read the feed until it's too late.

  • So I'm going on an interview Monday for a Network Admin job. I'm wondering has anyone ever successfully used a job offer to get a better deal at your current employer and it not blown-up in your face later down the road? I feel I'm underpaid and deserving of a better salary/title here, but I know at the same time with the state cuts in education budgets I'm probably lucky to still have employment. I know most people say never take a counter offer, and I don't even know that I will get an offer with the new place, just looking for some input and opinions really.