Carmine Looking to Survive Gears of War 3; Labor Day Bonus XP for Gears of War 2

With Epic Games and Microsoft raising money for charity and allowing fans determine the fate of a Carmine brother in Gears of War 3, it's time for an update on the poor sap. It's a "close race", but it is looking like the "Save Carmine" folks have it thus far.


Players can still vote with their money through September 2 and all proceeds will go to the Child's Play Charity. For those of you still playing Gears of War 2, you'll be getting bonus XP over Labor Day weekend, but the multiplier will be determined by the amount of Facebook "likes" on the Gears of War Facebook page, divided by 1000.

At the time of writing, players should expect an already whopping 16X multiplayer on XP earned over the long weekend.