Mafia 2 Trailer Looks at the "Tools of the Trade"

By Brian Leahy, Aug 18, 2010 11:40am PDT When you're a gangster, the "tools of the trade" tend to be guns, guns, and more guns. This trailer for Mafia 2 shows of some of the weapons you'll be using to ply your art.

A demo of the game is now available (for most) and it will be released next week on the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

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  • I really want Mafia II (2) to succeed, but I have a few problems with the demo.

    Fist off, the fucking car control. I know cars are suppose to feel like they have weight to them in order to be 'realistic', but realistically I would have would have more options than "foot off pedal" and "foot pushing petal all the way to the floor." Just trying to make a turn I got stuck in one spot for about 10 seconds while my tires peeled out. 10 seconds is an eternity in a game when you're fleeing from cops. Oh, and once I got in trouble for speeding. SPEEDING! In a game! It was the Fun Police, apparently.

    Bionic Supercops. I walked out of the house, punched a woman in the face, and was instantly set upon by a cop car. I mean INSTANTLY. Had the cop car been any closer I would have been in it. I thought that was just a fluke. A freak accident. So, after getting shot to death by said cops, I started over and then proceeded to punch the closest bystander. I waited about 7 seconds before the first siren. Keep in mind this is before cell phones. This is before automatic switching, which means that there needs to be someone with a headset and microphone to put you through to the police by manually plugging your phone cable to the "IN" port and plugging the Police department's phone into the "Out" port. Not to mention the complex series of events that take place after that connection is made. 7 seconds. The good news is that the cops don't go any faster if you simply shoot someone in the head -- so, don't bother punching anyone or getting caught up in a fistfight, just blow their heads off and move along.

    Cool things: The environments are gorgeous. All the textures and shaders, and even the trash lying in the streets, is beautifully rendered. I'm kind of boggled at how many extremely detailed cars my computer can render on-screen at one time. I wandered around the house for a good 10 minutes before the 'game' even started, which says a lot about this game's environmental design.

    The animations! Wow. I think I may buy this game just to see how well the characters move and interact. Especially impressive was when a fat man got shot up in slow motion, and his jaw went all slack as he tipped over and hit the floor. Oh, and the cool way that enemies fall when you shoot them. Man, cool stuff.

    The damage system: I got blasted in the chest with a shotgun and was insta-killed, which was just great. The next time through it added a good bit of tension when I was coming around on a guy with a shotgun, knowing that he could blow me away with a single shot. Regenerating health is kind of nice, too, the alternative being some kind of un-fun health pack system (the full game will have something to heal you, I'm sure... perhaps you have to go to a hospital?)

    It seems this game really wants you to lay low and play nice while not in a gun battle, due to it's strict, no-monkey-business rules while exploring the map. I think they really want you to soak in the atmosphere of the 50's, which is pretty cool I guess. I love it when a game ambitiously pushes for a realistic atmosphere (they had bionic supercops back then, didn't you know?), and I especially like sandbox games, even if they are a bit prohibitive when it comes to causing chaos.