160GB and 320GB PlayStation 3 Models Unveiled

BOOM widget 363214 Two new PlayStation 3 models packing 160GB and 320GB hard drives will arrive in September, Sony has announced at Gamescom 2010.

The 160GB model is already shipping to retailers and will replace Sony's current 120GB model at the same price of $299.99.

The 320GB PS3, however, will be launched alongside Sony's motion controller PlayStation Move on September 19. It'll initially be available only in a PS Move bundle, though one imagines it'll be sold on its lonesome later.

Announced in July before Sony unveiled the new hard drive size, the $399.99 'PS3 Sports Champions Move bundle' packs a new 320GB PlayStation 3, one PlayStation Move motion controller, a PlayStation Eye camera and a copy of Sports Champions plus a "bonus Blu-ray game demo disc." You'll still need to buy the optional PlayStation Move Navigational controller seperately for $29.99 for the full Move experience, though.