Infamous 2 Trailer Features the New, 'Old' Cole

Beyond its slow-motion presentation of the devastation being leveled upon its New Orleans-like locale, the latest trailer for Infamous 2 teases something fans have been asking for: A remodeled protagonist.

BOOM video 6071

At the end of the GamesCom 2010 trailer for the upcoming Sucker Punch-developed sequel, a character model for the game's protagonist is briefly shown that is more in line with that of the model in the original title.

When it was first revealed at E3, Sucker Punch revealed drastic changes to the look of the lead character (as pictured above). After some strong response form the community, Sucker Punch revealed at Comic Con that the team has decided to revert the lead character, Cole, to something more comparable to his look in the original InFamous, released in 2009.

Infamous 2 is scheduled to strike retail exclusively on the PS3 in 2011.