Red Faction: Battlegrounds Revealed for XBLA, PSN

BOOM widget 137447 THQ has just revealed another downloadable title that will tie into one of its major retail franchises. In a panel during GDC Europe, THQ Digital Warrington creative director Don Whiteford announced his studio's first title would be Red Faction: Battlegrounds, the downloadable title for the XBLA and PSN that will lead into THQ's Red Faction: Armageddon.

The game, which is being built at the studio formerly known as Juice Games, has a core development team of four people, Gamasutra reports.

THQ's Danny Bilson had previously confirmed a tie-in title for Armageddon would see release "three to four months" before the retail title's release, making a release by the end of 2010 a possibility; however, Whiteford did not specify a date in his presentation.

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According to Gamasutra, Battlegrounds is a "topdown car, mech and rover combat title," featuring up to "four players on the same screen." Battlegrounds will allow players to unlock "unique elements" in the upcoming retail installment of Red Faction.

THQ is also prepping a downloadable title within the Saint's Row universe, linking it to the upcoming third installment in the series. THQ and SyFy have also penned a deal to develop a two-hour film based on the Red Faction property.