Guild Wars 2 Playable at PAX and GamesCom; New Trailer Shows Gameplay

BOOM widget 137142 ArenaNet's Guild Wars 2 will be playable at PAX Prime and Gamescom by attendees, featuring two distinct experiences. The first lets you control level 1 human character and some of the game's "personal, branching story" along with some early game story and content.

The second puts you in charge of a level 47 charr character for some high-level gameplay including a "wide variety of high-level skills" and "some truly epic battles." You'll also meet that dragon, called "The Shatterer", seen above.

Talk is fun, but how about a video showing off some of Guild Wars 2's gameplay? Yes? Okay!

BOOM video 6002

PAX Prime kicks off on September 3rd in Seattle, while Gamescom comes a bit earlier on August 18th.