New EQ 'EverQuest Next' Unveiled

Sony Online Entertainment has discussed the new instalment in its MMORPG series EverQuest during its 2010 'Fan Faire' event, Eurogamer reports, and given the first in-game look at the new game it's currently referring to as 'EverQuest Next.'

SOE president John Smedley described EverQuest Next as a "reboot" more like the original EverQuest than its sequel, boasting a new "distinctive" art style.


"We want to make something that still keeps the flavour of the original and the lore and the core tenets of it, but we want to make something that is truly next generation," Smedley explained. "We want EverQuest players and EverQuest 2 players to feel like they're at home, but a new home, one that's really awesome."

Sony Online Entertainment continues to work on supporting and expanding the franchise, announcing a new EverQuest expansion named 'House of Thule' over the weekend and launching a free-to-play version of EQ2 last month.