Morning Discussion

After a hellish morning yesterday, I've made my way to Vancouver, Canada. Sadly, that's about as much as I can say about it, for the time being.

It's no secret that news in the industry has been slow--this time of year things tend to reach a level of calm. The next few weeks, however, are going to really pick up.

Next week Irrational Games is revealing its new project and, alongside that, QuakeCon begins. There's also GamesCom coming soon, which usually brings some announcements. On the horizon we've got Tokyo Game Show coming up and Microsoft traditionally holds an annual mini-X0 event in Toronto; both events will give us a ton of interviews and previews to sift through.

We've got to a point where we're almost done pushing this "news car" up the hill. Now it's time to get in and race to the bottom.
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