Fable 3's Opening Cinematic 'Hero' is far from Chicken

BOOM widget 128124The star of Fable 3's opening cinematic is one of the franchise's most beloved adversaries: A chicken.

Microsoft and Lionhead released the video today, featuring the oft-kicked, domesticated fowl as the "unlikeliest of heroes" dashing past dangers on the struggling streets of Albion.

Of course, like the star of the game's opening, your character in Fable 3 is no real chicken. The "age of industry" as come to Albion and the city is on the brink of revolution and like the "brave chicken," players will have to fight to succeed in a quest for freedom or pay the "ultimate price."

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Fable 3 is set to launch on the Xbox 360 on October 26 in standard and collector's edition flavors. Lionhead's latest is also planned for future release on PC.