Morning Discussion

Last month I re-watched The Wire, arguably one of the best television shows ever created. This month, I've set my sights on another "personal favorite" series, Six Feet Under.

There's something about the characters and stories crafted by Academy Award-Winning scribe Alan Ball that made me fall in love with the series when it began in 2001. Watching it again only reminds me how incredible the entire series was.

There's a lot of discussion about the maturity and intelligence of video game stories. Some titles do stand out for having fantastic writing--BioShock and Portal come to mind--but in more cases than I'd like to remember, the story comes down to, "Here's a reason to go shoot those people/aliens/zombies in the face. Now go do it, because you're totally badass."

My hope is that, since technology is so advanced, studios will focus as much attention on crafting a good and unique story (Read: Not copying Aliens, Starship Troopers, etc.) as they do when developing a title's art.

We're getting there, though. I mean, have you ever read the fiction behind "Barbie's Horse Adventures"? It's haunting.

What video game stories stick out in your mind?
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