The Sims Goes Medieval in Spin-off 'Series'

EA's light-hearted murder simulator franchise The Sims is receiving a medieval spin-off "series" with RPG and strategy elements, imaginatively titled The Sims Medieval.

Players will be given a medieval fantasy kingdom to play with, "controlling characters from all walks of life, from Kings and Queens, to Knights and Wizards, Blacksmiths and Bards" and dictating their lives from everyday chores to having kids and "epic quests."


Typical fantasy quests will be on offer, "from crafting a legendary sword to arranging a royal wedding, to protecting the kingdom from an evil sorcerer, to finding the fountain of youth." You can also expand your kingdom by invading your neighbours, if you fancy.

"The Sims Medieval offers a new way for players to experience The Sims which we hope fans will enjoy, and it features gameplay that fans of strategy and role-playing games will find appealing such as controlling an entire kingdom and quest-based gameplay mechanics," said Scott Evans, general manager of developer The Sims Studio.

The Sims Medieval is scheduled for a spring 2011 release on PC and Mac.