Morning Discussion

Yesterday, Activision revealed the Call of Duty map packs were downloaded 20 million times. That number isn't specific to Modern Warfare 2's $15 packs, rather it includes the entire series. Surprise! Call of Duty sells.

Whenever we write stories about $15 downloadable titles, the reaction ultimately comes down to blaming platform-holders and publishers for being greedy. When the Xbox 360 launched with its revamped Xbox Live Arcade, titles ranged in price from $5 to $10. Since then, the average price for downloadable titles hovers around $15.

In both cases--the map pack and downloadable title price increase--it's a matter of voting with your dollars. Prices increase because of the popularity of the platform and/or content. The envelope keeps being pushed to find the consumer's breaking point.

Although some titles are deserving of their asking price, the averages go up because the majority of gamers keep paying for it. It will be interesting to see how well the titles in the 2010 Summer of Arcade sell. It appears that we've already given in to the new average. Just don't tell any of the publishers that, otherwise they'll start looking for a larger envelope.
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