Metro 2033 'Ranger Pack' DLC Coming to PC, Xbox 360 on August 3

BOOM widget 93357Hunters have a new challenge ahead of them as the first downloadable content for Metro 2033 is arriving August 3 on PC and Xbox 360.

First revealed in May 2010, the "Ranger Pack" adds two new weapons--the Heavy Automatic Shotgun and the Volt Driver--and new achievements.

The content also adds "Ranger Mode," which "dramatically" reduces ammo and increases damage on all weapons as well as "Ranger Hardcore," which removes the game's heads-up display (or HUD, if you want to be like that.)

Metro 2033's "Ranger Pack" is priced at 240MS Points ($3 US) on the Xbox 360 and included as a free, upcoming auto-update on PC via Steam.