Morning Discussion

StarCraft II has killed video game news, or at least stunned it. Who wants to go up against the mighty SC2? Who can even pull themselves away from SC2 to do anything newsworthy? Hopefully we'll have a little more going on today but honestly, I want the end of the day to come as soon as possible so I can dive back into the campaign.

If you're looking for a video or computer game to play, give The Curfew a bash. It's a browser game written by Kieron Gillen--video games journalist, comics writer, and Rock, Paper, Shotgun chap--set in an oppressive near-future Britain. Stuck in a safehouse with some top-secret information to conceal, you need to figure out who you can trust. I've yet to play it myself--busy with StarCraft II, naturally--but he's a pleasant sort and makes good words so I'll be right on it after I resolve a minor Zerg situation.

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