Halo: Reach Campaign Trailer Features the Lesser-Known 'Beginning' of the Fight

By Xav de Matos, Jul 29, 2010 6:25am PDT Forgoing live-action shots of masterfully crafted dioramas and moonlit vistas starring squeaky-voiced children, the latest promotional trailer for Halo: Reach features the most popular aspect of the franchise: The actual game.

Showcasing some of the scenes spread throughout Bungie Studios' upcoming genetically-enhanced swan song, the campaign trailer for Halo: Reach is simple in its message. While we all know how the story ends (thus far), we've yet to see how it all began.

Halo: Reach takes us back in time on September 14, 2010, exclusively on the Xbox 360 and will be released in a multitude of different packages and bundles.

We also anticipate no less than three new Mountain Dew flavors to signal the game's upcoming retail arrival.

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