DC Universe Online Gets Release Date, Subscription Details, CGI Trailer

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 26, 2010 6:20am PDT [Update: 08:54] In reality, PS Plus subscribers will pay a subscription. Our apologies.

[Original] Sony Online Entertainment's superhero MMORPG DC Universe Online will launch on November 2, a Comic-Con 2010 panel attended by Newsarama revealed.

A free month of playtime is included, after which the subscription fee is $14.99 per month on PC or PlayStation 3--a fee which is waived for PlayStation Plus subscribers.

A variety of pre-order bonuses are on offer, as is a Collector's Edition with a Batman statue. You can sign up now for a beta test that will run until launch on November 2.

The news is all celebrated by a new cinematic trailer from CGI masters Blur, revealing that you'll actually be taking part in a tiresome and convoluted grand story as you run around wearing your underwear on top of your trousers and zapping people.

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  • I love DC, perhaps moreso than Marvel. I get a lot of satisfaction out of watching the characters and their dramas, that's why I bought Timm's Justice League on DVD, it's awsome. Watching the trailer, I got that old feeling again like when I read the comics and saw Alex Ross covers, panels by Dick Giordano and George Perez, and witnessing the epic multi-title reboot by John Byrne. The triad of Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. God, how I miss those days.

    On the MMO I have to tip my hat to DC for going where Marvel chose not to, and I also respect Marvel for not taking that plunge with their properties. Still, the Official Handbook of The Marvel Universe is superior in every way to DC's aged Who's Who In The DC Universe, a detailed testament as to the depth of the Marvel content available that fans have waited a lifetime to play in. Marvel was first to press in 1982, followed by DC two years later. Now DC gets their turn.

    Which is kind of strange because this is all taking place in an arena that's been dominated by City of Heroes. Arguably, their character customization is the measure by which all superhero MMOs will be judged. People want to build epic characters the likes of the ones they can't play in DCO. COH has had a 6 year headstart, so it will be interesting to see if DC can improve on this experience.

    Opportunities that I see are:

    1. Destructable environment and interaction with everyday citizens, which in COH is nonexistent. While this will create new challenges, it would open the door to a more interactive, living world. A world of consequences and not just a population explosion of superpowered beings loitering in the safe area. DC has some work to do to distinctify themselves in this market.

    2. Interact with core heroes in a meaningful way. These are the guys we grew up with and admire. We want to fight alongside them, be recognized by them, be victorious with them. This is where I see DC having the potential to making huge gains, as their core characters are legendary.

    Champions Online deserves merit, but I see it as nothing more than a COH knock-off for another publisher. The real story is how DCO and their vault of content will take it's place alongside industry veteran COH and change the superhero MMO experience. Let the games begin!