Morning Discussion

After yonks of being purely a PC gamer, I've finally bought an Xbox 360--my first console since the 16-bit era. While there are scores of pleasant console exclusives, the biggest motivating factor for me was actually Xbox Live Arcade. There are some great XBLA titles that I simply won't be able to play on PC so what the hey, bite the bullet and go for it.

It's not that I've hated consoles all these years rather that I've been content with my PC. I still own more great PC games than I'll probably ever finish, not to mention all the books I have to read, films I want to go and see, plays and performances to attend... add in the fact that I was stone broke for yonks and, well, I simply didn't get around to buying one.

Now if HMV could hurry up and send me the shiny new 250GB Xbox 360 to replace the old 256MB Arcade model they mistakenly sent me, that would be just dandy.

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