Halo: Reach Media Shows 'Unboxing,' Forge World

BOOM widget 136311 No consumer goods can be merely opened nowadays; no, they must be "unboxed," treated as arcane and esoteric antiquities to be pored over as if one were an inquisitive wizard. With that in mind, here's an "unboxing" trailer for the $80 'Limited' and $150 'Legendary' editions of Halo: Reach as well as the limited edition Reach-branded console bundle. Ooh! Aah!

Bungie's series-concluding shooter prequel is slated for an Xbox 360-exclusive release on September 14 everywhere except Japan, where it'll be out on September 15.

BOOM video 5848

If you want to see more of the game itself, we also have a giant wodge of new screenshots plus the following trailer discussing the joys of Forge World.

BOOM video 5849