New StarCraft 2 Trailer Explores "Ghosts of the Past"; Midnight Launches Detailed

As part of its StarCraft II "Join the Dominion" viral campaign, Blizzard has rewarded players with a new trailer, titled "Ghosts of the Past". The trailer is composed entirely of CG cutscenes and in-game cinematics from StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty. It drops some hints as to the events of the game and there are potentially some light spoilers in the video:

BOOM video 5807

Additionally, Blizzard has uploaded over 160 new screenshots with the launch of the new Battle.net website for the game, which went live last week.


The game will be released for PC and Mac next Tuesday. Midnight launch events with attendance by Blizzard employees will be held in Fountain Valley, CA (USA), London, Berlin, Paris, Stockholm, Moscow, and Singapore. Run-of-the-mill midnight launch events will be held at various retailers in the US and Canada.