Front Mission Evolved Release Delayed Again, Now Launching September 28 on PC, Xbox 360 and PS3

Square Enix has revealed that the "wanzers" in its upcoming action title Front Mission Evolved will be stuck in the shop for a little longer as the title has been delayed again.

Originally scheduled for a Spring 2010 release before being recently delayed to September 14, Front Mission Evolved is now slated for release on September 28 on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3.

Square Enix also revealed a pair of "classic Front Mission wanzers" are available for the game as pre-order bonuses from Amazon, Best Buy and GameStop:
  • Calm: A wanzer that has long been a part of the Front Mission series. Although its appearance is far from intimidating, this war machine is unmatched in melee combat as well as long-range firefights when equipped with the appropriate weapons.
  • Rexon: As in previous FRONT MISSION titles, Rexon is a skilled sniper-type wanzer. Once equipped with a rifle, it becomes a threat to anything that crosses its line of fire.
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    Developed by Double Helix, Front Mission Evolved thrusts the fifteen-year-old franchise into the third-person action genre for the first time since the Japanese-exclusive Front Mission Online and for the first time ever in North America.