Shank hitting PSN on August 24, XBLA on August 25, Priced at $15 [Update]

By Xav de Matos, Jul 20, 2010 1:55pm PDT [Update: 4:35pm] According to the official Shank website, the PC version of Shank is still in development and will arrive in Fall 2010. As for the game's newly revealed co-op "mission," the blog mentions that Shank actually includes a "local co-op campaign." The co-op will be separate from the original game and tell the backstory of Shank.

[Original Story] During the EA Studio Showcase, Electronic Arts has announced that the downloadable title Shank will release on the PlayStation Network on August 24 and on the Xbox Live Arcade on August 25. Both versions have been priced at $15.

Additionally, Shank includes "a special co-operative mission, designed to be played with a friend locally." Sadly, from the release wording, it appears that the "prequel" mission is the only co-op action Shank and his "partnet-in-crime" Falcone will see.

Developed by Klei Enteratinment and published by the EA Partners program, the exceedingly awesome side-scrolling stabber-shooter has been highly anticipated since it was first revealed and continues EA's spotlight on high-quality downloadable titles.

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  • Am I the only one who has come to, whenever I see words to the effect of "PC version delayed to unspecified date", just immediately translates that to "MS and/or Sony gave us 'incentives' to do a consoles-only launch but we're not going to disclose this so we're just going to lie to you"?

    I mean, it may very well be the case that they really are running behind on the PC version and it needs more time. And I'm glad to allow them the time they actually need to make it right.

    It's just that when almost EVERY single title with a lot of buzz behind it pulls this "PC version delayed to unspecified date" thing at the last minute (relatively speaking) in the development process, it really starts to get a bit fishy.

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      • Well, here's the thing about that. I don't have any behind-the-scenes knowledge on the devs of Shank or anything, but I think it's safe to say that development on the PC version is pretty far along and that they've already decided that they ARE doing a PC version. This isn't a situation where they're going to wait and see how well the game does on consoles before they commit to the PC. They've already committed. So this line of reasoning just doesn't make sense, here.

        It's a question of timing. And in situations like this, you're looking at a title that may very well be deliberately sabotaging its own potential sales numbers on the PC just so it can launch exclusively on consoles.

        But like I said: they may very well have legitimate development-based reasons for delaying the PC version, and that's fine. My problem is that if they ARE delaying it on PC due to piracy concerns and/or exclusivity incentives from the console manufacturers, then they need to SAY that rather than just basically lying to their customers for PR purposes.

        I guess the bottom line is that if the console manufacturers really are making secret exclusivity agreements with confidential terms to keep their products off of a competing platform (PC) because they don't make as much off of it from kickbacks, that raises serious concerns about explicitly anti-competitive behavior. And that's bad for ALL consumers.

        Meh. I guess I shouldn't pick on Shank, of all titles, over this. There are far worse offenders. But I was really looking forward to playing this one on Steam.