OnLive Extends Free Year for Founding Members to Labor Day

The Founding Members program for cloud-based, game-streaming service OnLive has been extended until September 6, which allows early adopters to snag a free year of the subscription-based service along with an option to re-up for a second at $4.95 a month.

nope Interested parties are free to sign-up, but there is a waiting list before being given access. Once in, players have access to several free demos along with the options to buy and/or purchase other titles. A full list of games and pricing can be found here.

I've been playing around with OnLive for a few days and, while the technology is impressive, I can't agree with the pricing structure. In this age of digital distribution, we already buy licenses for games through services like Steam and Impulse, but those services include a method to play the game offline. Furthermore, they do not cost anything on top of purchasing the games.

I would be all over OnLive if it could be used to play the games I already own or became an all-you-can-play service. What about you?