Morning Discussion

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 15, 2010 5:00am PDT It's mid-morning on the last day of Develop 2010 and I have to say Tim Schafer is very funny. Like he's a clown. He makes me laugh. More on that to come.

Peter Molyneux is also talking today, which should be interesting. Mostly, I have a ton of stuff to finishing writing up and blast into your fact-mouths.

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  • So I got this Logitech Pure-Fi Dream iPod dock that also is an alarm clock. It resets itself to go off the next day like most do these days. If the iPod isn't there, it just plays the buzzer instead. Now it's supposed to auto-reset after an hour if nothing touches it. But I come home tonight to find out it's been going off all day because apparently, when it goes off and the iPod isn't plugged in, the clock sort-of freezes. I say sort-of because it still buzzes the whole time but the clock froze at the time it went off. Therefore the "hour" never went by on the clock. However when I got home and killed it, it immediately displayed the correct time on its own. WTF. Also, yay for being on the shit list of my neighbors now. Fortunately it was a weekday, one next door unit is vacant, and the other guy's alarm clock has gone off for two+ hours at midnight before.

    Getting back to the clock, that pretty much does it for me. It's got these other issues, mostly small annoyances that I've been able to work-around/deal with and have posted about before, but this retarded bug just finally soured me on it. Their remotes and game controllers seem to be pretty solid, but stay the fuck away from their docks.

    TL;DR: Get your shit together Logitech. Ever heard of QA?