3DS Producer Calms Screen Movement Fears, Outlines Upgrades to Handheld's "Tag Mode"

Although its 3D technology is one of the Nintendo 3DS' most widely discussed abilities, platform producer Hideki Konno believes there are other features that Nintendo is pushing toward with the upcoming handheld.

In an interview with Wired, Konno noted a major feature for the platform is the system's upgraded "Tag Mode," which in the 3DS, will allow systems to communicate with each other, sharing data regardless of the game currently being played. Current DS systems only communicate when multiple systems are running the same title.


"In the hardware," Konno said, "we have the capability that when you first play a game that supports Tag Mode, it will save to a Tag Mode data slot in the hardware system." Nintendo plans support for various franchises, including Mario Kart, Nintendogs and Animal Crossing.

According to Konno, Nintendo will also look to software to take advantage of the system's accelerometer and gyroscope, while calming fears that system movement will break the 3D effect. "During our experiments, we have found that in a first-person shooter, we can use the sensor to move the aiming and the pointer. In that case, your line of sight is still quite rigid, your eyes are pointing at the screen, and so the 3D effect won't be diluted," Konno explains. "So there is the possibility that both 3D and motion control could be used in the same software."

Konno concluded the interview by discussing the upcoming handheld's design, stating potential Nintendo 3DS owners can "take" the system shown at E3 2010 as "the final shape."