Dragon Age II Details: Voiced Main Character and Combat Changes Headline Tweaks

By Brian Leahy, Jul 13, 2010 11:50am PDT

Following the game's reveal last week, details are trickling in about BioWare's Dragon Age II, which is due out in March 2011 for the PC, PS3, and Xbox 360.

Game Informer has some details up on its website and the Dragon Age community is cataloging additional information from early issues of the magazine. I won't detail everything here, but there are some key points to point out.

First, players will take the role of Hawke, a human warrior, rogue, or mage, who escaped The Blight during the events of Dragon Age: Origins, fleeing north to Kirkwall. "Dragon Age II begins as the events of Origins are still taking place, so you may see some familiar events from a different angle."

The conversation system will be much closer to Mass Effect 2's with players choosing from a type of response to give, and the dialogue continuing with a fully-voiced male or female version of Hawke. I actually really like this change. I found myself skipping a lot of the voice-acting in Dragon-Age: Origins because I could read it faster than it was spoken. Now that the conversations will play out a bit more cinematically, I'm optimistic.

On the combat side, the PC and console versions of the game will feature different combat systems. "The PC version implements the same strategic approach afforded by a mouse-and-keyboard control scheme," but "rather than try to mimic the PC experience on consoles, Dragon Age II has a battle system more tailored to the strengths of the PS3 and 360."

Many more details can be found in the latest issue of Game Informer. A trailer is scheduled to be released on August 17.

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  • Though it's a different story...

    It's unfortunate that it's not a continuation of the current story (a la Mass Effect 1to2), *BUT* If it's in the same world, during the events of the original game, it's always possible that they could add a similar 'savegame' effect where your decisions in Dragon Age: Origins *COULD* in fact have an effect in Dragon Age II.

    If they thought about it, you could probably recruit *YOUR* character from Dragon Age: Origins into your Dragon Age II Party.

    Which would be an interesting (and yet still different way) of maximizing the connectivity of the 2 games (like they did with Mass Effect).

  • I just can't understand EAware's folly. DAO sold MORE than ME2 and almost more than BOTH ME's combined. They are literally changing the very things I loved most about DAO. I LIKED than it did not have a voice for the main character. Because whatever voice they choose we would be stuck with and it would not be OUR story. Secondly, the voice would limit the character(only human) and limit the dialog(already confirmed way back about why dialog is limited in ME/ME2), so it will be dumbed down to good, evil, neutral route. Also, it will be the stupid ME wheel which does not even tell you what you are going to say, but just the INTENT of it.

    On top of this travesty, one of the devs said they are getting rid of camp conversations(which I loved because I got to know and bond with the NPC's), and replace it with the horrible random and if you are lucky to find the right thing to click on, conversations in the awakening expansion(which I never got to know any of my companions well and really did not even care that some of them died at the end of the game, unthinkable for my DAO companions).

    Seriously, I know I should wait for more info, but the info released is the very things I wanted to know most about and its all bad. So, I guess I will not get DA2 until the bargain bin.