Space Sim Sequel 'Evochron Mercenary' Unveiled

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 12, 2010 7:00am PDT One-man indie studio StarWraith 3D Games has revealed the latest instalment in its space sim series Evochron, with an "all new" graphics engine to make the series' famed seamless atmospheric entries all the more magical.

New features in Evochron Mercenary include player-built space stations in both singleplayer and multiplayer as well as dynamic music and deeper customisation options.

What does Evochron involve? Starwraith explains that "As you pilot your spacecraft through a vast seamless universe, you can perform many activities including buying, trading, negotiating, bribing, spying, racing, escorting, transporting, mining, exploring, cleaning equipment, clearing paths through asteroid fields, recruiting, protecting, hiring crew members, fuel harvesting, building stations, and designing/selling ships." Lovely.

Evochron Mercenary is scheduled for a downloadable release on PC this fall. Pricing has yet to be announced, though previous Evochron titles cost $24.95.

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  • i bought legends (the one before this) and thought it was the greatest thing since sliced bread... right up until i realized that the whole "reputation" system was utterly borked. your reputation is purely localized per-system. you can spend a bunch of time in one system, get your rep up with the navy to 100%, get the other non-pirate-ish factions loving you, then pop over to the system right next door and IMMEDIATELY be gang-banged by a dozen navy ships (yes, the SAME navy that loved you half a grid square away) for no good reason other than thats how the system's starting rep was initialized.

    *nothing* you do has *any* impact in the game world past your immediate vicinity. you can be a goody goody in one system and have everyone love you, and a tiny skip away, be dread pirate roberts. it makes zero sense. as i said in a thread about this on the starwraith forums:

    "you know, when i think about it, i dont even think it matters why my rep isnt affecting which factions are hostile to me in a logical way... i think ive got an idealogical problem with the game now that ive had some time to play it. the whole rep system is the issue. i could understand if i warped into a system and the locals said "youre known far and wide as a murderous pirating scumbag, DIE!"... presuming of course i WERE a muderous pirating scumbag. but instead, im a nobody, and the reaction is "you aint from around here, are you boy? DIE!"

    its arbitrary, and punishing, and i dont think im going to be able to get around that problem no matter how hard i work within the system."

    the official response from the one-man-dev?

    "Then change the system. That's one of the things this game lets you do."

    which is great. im all for games being mod-able, and im sure this is an excellent option for people so inclined. personally, i like my games to make sense right out of the box. i also dont thing modding the game so that the universe is friendly to you is a good idea either, because that makes as little sense as the alternative.

    bottom line, if your primary interest in a game like this is combat, then youll be very pleased with the game. youll have plenty of opportunities to fight. all the time. everywhere you go. with people who were your friends half a mile ago. if its trade/exploration you want, take a pass on this game because its just going to make you crazy. it really is a very good game, with a lot of good ideas in it, but the whole reputation system ruins it for me.

    when the new one comes out ill check out the demo and see if this aspect of the game has improved any or not... i hope it has, because i really do want to like the game and be able to enjoy it...