Dragon Age 2 Revealed by Game Informer [Updated]

By Alice O'Connor, Jul 08, 2010 12:02pm PDT [Update: 2:00pm] EA has confirmed that Dragon Age II is scheduled to release on the PC, Xbox 360 and PS3 in March 2011.

[Update: 10:00am] As expected, BioWare has formally unveiled Dragon Age II. While details are still thin on the ground, the developer has confirmed PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation editions and revealed a little more about what the sequel brings.

A little concept art and the Game Informer cover.

You are one of the few who escaped the destruction of your home. Now, forced to fight for survival in an ever-changing world, you must gather the deadliest of allies, amass fame and fortune, and seal your place in history. This is the story of how the world changed forever. The legend of your Rise to Power begins now.

Key Features:

  • Embark upon an all-new adventure that takes place across an entire decade and shapes itself around every decision you make.
  • Determine your rise to power from a destitute refugee to the revered champion of the land.
  • Think like a general and fight like a Spartan with dynamic new combat mechanics that put you right in the heart of battle whether you are a mage, rogue, or warrior.
  • Go deeper into the world of Dragon Age with an entirely new cinematic experience that grabs hold of you from the beginning and never lets go.
  • Discover a whole realm rendered in stunning detail with updated graphics and a new visual style.

A trailer is promised for August 17--the date of EA's Gamescom 2010 press conference. Pre-orders will open for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 at 10:00am PST today.

[Original Story] Dragon Age II, a sequel to BioWare's fantasy RPG Dragon Age: Origins, has been revealed today by the cover for next month's issue of Game Informer magazine--as was teased and rumoured yesterday.

All we know at this point is what Game Informer has to say--"Dragon Age II is a full-fledged sequel, featuring a new hero, a different part of the world, and a ton of surprising improvements that will shed even more light on the lore of the Dragon Age universe." We'll have more details for you whenever BioWare formally announces the game.

Platforms and a release date are of course yet-unknown. However, a Dragon Age thing is due on February 1, 2011 and EA's latest release schedule listed a "Dragon Age Title TBA" for release on "Console, Handheld/Mobile, PC" between January 1 and March 31, 2011. DA: Origins was released for PC, Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 in November 2009.

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  • This game was amazing. A little limited in scope I wished it would have been more large in scope, however it was a serious rpg for serious fans. Now, I have faith in the good doctors over at Bioware I just hope they include some of that Alpha Protocol conversation tree WITH consequences, but I HIGHLY doubt that, since if that was the case, they would probably still be working on it.

    Still, this will be a great game to sink my teeth into yet again.

    I'm a little concerned though, no mention of my Grey Warden continuing his escapades, what the fuck?!

  • Alright, here's a chance to improve on the awfulness that was Awakenings and the shortcomings of DA:O.

    I hope the story is a little more epic / grandiose than DA:O. I mean, I enjoyed the game thoroughly, but the scope of the entire campaign and the limited interaction made it seem that all the events were in a sandbox because there was little incentive to re-explore previous areas since each area was so linear. You performed a duty, got the reward, and left the area never to return to it again (save for vendors). It had the feeling of having a checklist: you visit each area, cross it off, and then merrily going about your way. Now this isn't such a bad idea (NWN: MotB did this particularly well), but it needs to be executed properly.

    I don't think DA:O executed this type of formula particularly well. Also, I think this is an odd choice for a new IP. A less streamlined experience would have been better (see: The Witcher, ME1, ME2...). In these games, it feels that the world is interactive, you are constantly revisiting previous areas because of new information learned. They don't have the feel of being isolated just for a given plot or quest.

    Something as simple as finding a map or a key in one area that unlocks a new main plot in another area would have sated me.

    Maybe I'm in this thought camp by myself, but I'm really hoping Bioware improves on the sequel. They've already established some pretty neat lore and races. Here's hoping they take it up a few notches because they are more than capable of doing this.