TF2 Engineer Update Second Payload Map Revealed, Moveable Sentry Teased [Update]

BOOM widget 127705[Update: 4:05pm] Shacknews tipster Obesity discovered another hidden image on the Engineer subsite (found by clicking the bullseye) featuring a metallic claw hand, dubbed "Handyman" in the image URL.

[Original Story] Valve continues to teasingly dribble tidbits of information on Team Fortress 2's Engineer class update, revealing another new Payload map and a brutal new community-made wrench replacement plus what appears to be a transportable turret.

A page hidden--as Valve love to do--on the Engineer Update subsite shows what certainly appears to be an engineer packing up a turret and moving it to a new location.


A gruesome wrench replacement by TF2 player 'WatchMaker' will also arrive with the update, though Valve notes that this "isn't the only melee slot item the Engineer's getting...just a bonus!" A guitar is looking a likely candidate for the true melee slot item.

The Engineer Update is due to be released on PC and Mac later today.